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 Traffic almost came to a halt on the streets of Mumbai’s suburban Juhu in the early hours of this morning when Salman Khan decided to take a walk.
After a press meet at Hotel JW Marriott to promote his new film, Jaan-E-Mann, the actor left with Govinda.
Instead of getting into their swanky cars and bikes, the actors made their way towards a nearby residential complex on foot.

Salman’s bodyguard protected the actor from the stunned crowds, who could not believe that Salman and Govinda were walking on the road.
Motorcyclists screeched to a halt, passengers in cars did a double take, and street children ran up behind their favourite stars.
A biker abruptly braked and turned to his young wife, saying, “Salman ne jo, Salman ne jo.”

Salman took in the hysteria quietly, and waved at people. He also lovingly pinched the children on their cheeks. But at the same time, he did not slow down his brisk pace.
Earlier in the day, Salman had surprised press photographers when he attended a press meet of Apna Sapna Money Money on a bike (above).
Incidentally, Salman and Govinda will be seen together in David Dhawan’s Partner.
At the Jaan-E-Mann press meet, Govinda had commented, “I have been jobless as an actor for so many years. I am thankful to Salman for giving me a chance to make a comeback in films.

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